Interesting facts // The stairs at La Salute

Fondamenta della Dogana alla Salute, November 2003.

Every step of the two staircases on the bank of La Salute was built, for reasons of economy, by assembling smaller stone elements into one larger one. The waves of the Grand Canal, the seaweed, the lithodomus molluscs, the boats maneuvering against the steps can explain the damage to the stairs, where some of the steps have slipped out of position.

Fondamenta della Dogana alla Salute, November 2003

When the steps were removed, a concrete base was discovered supporting the stair, dating back from preceding repair work in the 1920s or 1930s. The job was completed with a thorough restoration and effective consolidation.

Fondamenta della Dogana alla Salute, May 2003

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