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What’s under here?

In Venice, like in any city, the water and gas pipes, the electrical power and telephone lines must run under the paving. When a construction site opens, it provides the opportunity for upgrading these utility grids, rationalizing their plan, replacing older pipes, moving the overhead wires for public street lighting underground, replacing or adding electrical [...]

We’ve hit a sandbar!

As time goes by, the canals inevitably tend to fill up because of the constant deposition of anthropic sediments in the lagoon, of material washed away from the canal embankments and the material brought in by the natural ebb and flow of the water. It therefore becomes necessary to cyclically remove the sludge from the bed of the canal to avoid endangering navigation and prevent the degeneration of hygienic conditions.

The Decay of Bridges

For many centuries Venice was a group of islands connected only by ferries or wooden walkways. Starting in the eighteenth century, and more massively in the nineteenth century, these artifacts were replaced by bridges made out of wood or cast iron. In fact, the water they were immersed in, the humidity in the air, the mildew and xylophagous insects reduced the lifespan of the wood which, for the more exposed structures such as bridges, did not last more than three decades.


The traditional Venetian sewer system is constituted by an internal system (septic tanks, small water purifiers, etc.), gatoli (masonry collectors running under the street paving) and the canals.

Underground utilities

The technological grids running underground (water, electrical ppower, gas and traditional telephone lines).

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