Blocks of Istrean stone cut into parallelepipeds and used for the facing of embankment walls.


The upper edge of the embankment wall that marks the edge of the fondamenta towards the water; it consists in blocks of Istrean limestone, cut with mortise and tenon joints to avoid horizontal movement when set in place.


A masonry wall structure that supports the fondamenta along the canal, resting on wood pilings.


The traditional Venetian sewer system is constituted by an internal system (septic tanks, small water purifiers, etc.), gatoli (masonry collectors running under the street paving) and the canals.


The underside of the vault of the bridge.


The creation, in the lagoon, of zones of dry land to build residential, industrial and service areas.


Blocks of trachyte quarried in the Colli Euganei, the specific public paving stones. They may be laid adjacent to one another or with spaced joints.


Formwork with a corrugated profile. Driven into the ground, it makes it possible to pump the water out of a canal to drain it entirely and create a watertight barrier along a section of embankment.

Paramento (facing)

The surface, generally made out of masonry or Istrean stone, constituted by the facing of the embankment walls.


Salizoni and salizi are stones in which one side is twice as long as the other (70 x 35 cm) that can be set in a herringbone pattern.


A short covered passage through a building at street level.

Tide Level Zero of the Punta della Salute

Indicates the median tide level, in reference to the tide-gauge at the Punta della Salute. The tide-level zero at the Punta della Salute is approximately 23 cm lower than the tide-level zero established by the Istituto Geografico Militare (IGM).

Underground utilities

The technological grids running underground (water, electrical ppower, gas and traditional telephone lines).


The radial stone blocks, all the same height, that compose the arch of a bridge.

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