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Bridges: Restoring the Balustrades

The balustrades on bridges suffer from the deterioration caused by wear and tear, humidity and improper consolidation efforts. It is therefore important to re-establish the correct structural condition and to restore full functionality, so that none of the stone falls off.


The underside of the vault of the bridge.

Metal bridges

With adequate protection, steel is a material that allows the construction of durable structures, under the condition that they are kept up with timely and effective maintenance. Insufficient maintenance is the reason for the enormous amount of money that the city administration spends for the restoration and regeneration of steel bridges.

The Decay of Bridges

For many centuries Venice was a group of islands connected only by ferries or wooden walkways. Starting in the eighteenth century, and more massively in the nineteenth century, these artifacts were replaced by bridges made out of wood or cast iron. In fact, the water they were immersed in, the humidity in the air, the mildew and xylophagous insects reduced the lifespan of the wood which, for the more exposed structures such as bridges, did not last more than three decades.

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