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Insula. A future for Venice

An institutional video by Insula spa, explaining the reasons for which it is crucial to implement an ongoing programmed maintenance plan for the city.

“Lavori interrotti”. How do we guarantee urban safety?

“Lavori interrotti”: “Construction work suspended”. Given the complex and unique nature of Venice, it is becoming more difficult year after year to find the resources for the maintenance of the city. The Ateneo Veneto and Insula Spa organized an encounter-debate to discuss the situation as it stands with the representatives of the responsible institutions.

“With our feet on the ground”. Venetian paving: a legacy to preserve

Venetian paving is a heritage of our culture and landscape. Interventions underground on the utilities systems or for other reasons represent a delicate moment in the management of the city. How can we guarantee that the stones will be put back in place according to the protocol?

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