More videos // “With our feet on the ground”. Venetian paving: a legacy to preserve

XIII Fair of the Cultural Heritage and Activities
Venice, 3 December 2009

Venetian paving is a heritage of our culture and landscape. Interventions underground on the utilities systems or for other reasons represent a delicate moment in the management of the city. How can we guarantee that the stones will be put back in place according to the protocol? How can we be certain, given the number of the subjects involved, that they will apply the “best practices” indispensable to respect Venice’s functionality and aesthetics? Insula proposed an open debate on the issue, urging the companies involved and the institutions to intervene for a mutually agreeable solution.

The speakers included:
Giampaolo Sprocati, President of Insula spa
Mara Rumiz, City councilor for public works in Venice
Renata Codello, Superintendent for the Architectural and Landscape Heritage of Venice and the Lagoon

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