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The upper edge of the embankment wall that marks the edge of the fondamenta towards the water; it consists in blocks of Istrean limestone, cut with mortise and tenon joints to avoid horizontal movement when set in place.

Underground utilities

The technological grids running underground (water, electrical ppower, gas and traditional telephone lines).

Paramento (facing)

The surface, generally made out of masonry or Istrean stone, constituted by the facing of the embankment walls.


A masonry wall structure that supports the fondamenta along the canal, resting on wood pilings.


Blocks of Istrean stone cut into parallelepipeds and used for the facing of embankment walls.


Blocks of trachyte quarried in the Colli Euganei, the specific public paving stones. They may be laid adjacent to one another or with spaced joints.

“With our feet on the ground”. Venetian paving: a legacy to preserve

Venetian paving is a heritage of our culture and landscape. Interventions underground on the utilities systems or for other reasons represent a delicate moment in the management of the city. How can we guarantee that the stones will be put back in place according to the protocol?

Findings in the Campo della Pescheria

The island of Rialto is one of the most ancient areas of settlement in the historic city of Venice. It was here that, from the earliest origins of the city, important commercial and economic activities were located.

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