Interesting facts // The foundations of Venetian palaces

Rio di Santa Marina (October 1998) and Rio del Trapolin (July 2004).

The traditional construction method in Venice consisted in driving piling into the earth, in order to consolidate the ground by increasing its density and giving greater stability to the foundations under the buildings. Usually about eight to nine wood piles per square meter, no longer than three meters and 25-30 centimeters in diameter, were driven into the ground.

Rio di Ognissanti (marzo 2005) e rio del Magazen (marzo 1999).

Rio di Ognissanti (March 2004) and Rio del Magazen (March 1999).

After cutting the tops of the piles down to make them flush, two or three layers of five centimeter-thick wooden boards were laid down over them; this platform became the base for the foundation walls. The wood, sunken into the damp mud that prevented it from coming into contact with the air, was preserved in excellent condition, guaranteeing the functionality of the deepest section of the foundation structure.

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